Thriae Capsule Collection: Hand-painted River Rocks by Andrea McCain

There is no question that the global COVID-19 pandemic affected us all greatly, bringing with it some of the most challenging times we have experienced. The inability to socialize or spend much time outside of the house sparked a great deal of new hobbies - baking with sourdough, stenciling walls, learning a new language. For artist Andrea McCain, it sparked creativity.

Faced with weeks that lead into months of isolation in her home, Andrea picked up a brush, some paints, a few tools, and river rocks that her neighbor had an excess supply of, and got to work. The result? Absolutely spectacular, painstakingly-painted works of art. Each dot of paint is meticulously planned, from placement to color. The patterns that have emerged are inspired by things Andrea and her family love - evil eyes, trees, rivers, and space are prominent patterns but new ones pop into her head every day. 

Each rock is completely unique and varies in size and shape. One thing that they do have in common? The amount of love and work that went into each one. They make excellent gifts and can be nestled in a garden, placed on a windowsill, used as a doorstop, or just plain admired. Each is sealed with a clear coat to prevent fade and paint transfer. 

Shop our capsule collection to choose your unique piece(s) today! A portion of the proceeds from this collection will be donated to the World Central Kitchen, an organization chosen by the artist. 



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