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Shop 1 in 5 and Support Small Business

Not going to lie, being a small business owner is not easy.

Small business owner

Don’t get me wrong, it’s rewarding and enjoyable, but it is definitely a labor of love. Sometimes it feels like it’s three steps forward, followed by two steps back. But nothing worth having ever came easily, and I am mindful of that when spending my own dollars. Even before I knew everything that went into owning one, I always tried to support small businesses whenever possible.

That’s why I took the Shop 1 in 5 Pledge.  Created by two small business owners, the mission of Shop 1 in 5 is to make a difference by making 1 in 5 of all of your purchases - online or off - from a small business. Imagine the benefit of such a collective action.  

Not only have I taken the pledge, but Thriae has also joined the Shop 1 in 5 Directory. It’s a wonderful tool to discover many small businesses in one place. I plan on doing the majority of my holiday shopping from members of the directory - there is a large variety of items to choose from: everything from jewelry to soaps to art and beyond. It’s easily searchable and you can even narrow your results down by brand values! 

Supporting small business is something to feel good about. Mosey on over to Shop 1 in 5, take the pledge, and check out the Directory!