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Top 5 Turkish Towels for Everyone on your Holiday Gift List

Every holiday season, it seems like the same gift ideas get thrown around; wine for your aunt, a candle for your sister-in-law. The options are endless but not very creative.

It's time to stop settling on boring gifts and start giving something special this year! Our ethically sourced Turkish towels are the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Our products are sourced by me personally, directly from our small manufacturer in Turkey, which is staffed by skilled artisans who have been making high quality textiles for generations. Plus, we donate a portion of our proceeds to The Bee Conservancy, so it doesn't cost you anything to give back!

Here are our Top 5 Favorites for gifting this holiday season: 


1. For your Home Decor Expert Aunt: The Pergamum

Peshtemal Towel, peshtemal throw, home decor

The Pergamum is home run for any home-decor enthusiast. With its thicker weave and neutral color palettes, it is the perfect complement to any style of decor and can be used as a towel, throw, or blanket. It's luxe texture is impressive and is perfect for all seasons.


2. For your Boho World Traveler Cousin: The Pagos

Turkish towel peshtemal towel woman scarf woman shawl

Our latest addition to the Thriae Family, the Pagos comes in four neutral but bold colors that are the perfect accessory for your world traveler cousin who is famous in Instagram. She can throw one in her carry on to use in flight as a blanket or pillow, between flights as a scarf, and at her destination as a bath/beach towel, bathing suit cover up, and much more.


3. For your Spa-Loving Mom: The Assos

Turkish towel peshtemal towel bath towel kitchen towel home decor

Your mom could probably use a refresh of her bath linens, so why not give her a set of these? Available in both hand and bath towel sizes in neutral colors, the Assos will create a spa-like atmosphere in any bath setting. Plus, they dry quickly and last forever - and you will be deemed a champion gifter because of it!


4. For your Van-Lifer Brother: The Lygos

Turkish towel peshtemal towel kitchen towel bath towel

Our OG design is an absolute must-have for anyone navigating small spaces - digital nomads, van lifers, boat lifers, tiny home dwellers and more absolutely love Turkish towels because they take up only a small amount of space, dry fast, and have a variety of uses. Plus, the rich colors and minimalist design work beautifully with all manner of decor without adding fuss.


5. For your Yogi Sister: The Ephesus

Turkish towel peshtemal towel kitchen towel yoga prop yoga towel

Our Ephesus has been embraced by yogis as a prop for use in practice to help get a bit deeper of a stretch, to sit comfortably, or to provide warmth during meditation. Plus, it's the perfect accessory to throw around your neck post-practice and run to get a smoothie or run errands with some style.

Hope this helps make your holiday shopping a little bit easier! Always feel free to reach out to us at if you would like any assistance on which styles might work best for which purpose. 


Happy shopping!