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Ultra Absorbent

100% cotton =

soft and absorbent

Fast Drying

Fast to dry = no

more musty towels!

No More Sand

Seriously! You can leave the sand at the beach


Endless uses for home, travel and outdoors = perfect gift


In Greek Mythology, Thriae were a triad of nymphs who were the patrons of bees. Bees are deeply important to us: their simple act of pollination makes possible many things we hold near and dear. Their individual contributions may not be noticeable, but their collective work is imperative to our existence.

We Love Bees

A portion of our sales are donated to organizations

supporting bee conservation efforts.

Turkish-American Owned

Our founder is Turkish-American and grew up in Turkey. It has been her dream to bring the best of Turkey to the world.

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Known as peshtemals, Turkish towels are thin textiles, woven from 100% cotton, with long threads, on an open loom. Traditionally used in hammams, they have been made the same way for centuries, though automation allows for hand setting threads on automated looms in our modern times.

Let us count the ways:

- Ultra-absorbent yet quick to dry
- No musty smells like with terry towels
- Softer with each wash Incredibly durable thanks to their long threads
- Available in a wide variety of colors, designs, and textures
- Can be used for more than a towel

Truly, the sky is the limit! But here are just a few favorites:

- Bath, hand, or kitchen towel
- Beach or pool towel
- A beach cover up like a sarong or dress
- Scarf
- Shawl
- Travel blanket
- Travel towel
- Picnic blanket
- Throw/couch blanket
- Gym towel
- Yoga/meditation blanket
- Table runner/tablecloth
- Hair wrap
- Curtain/window covering
- Gift wrap
- Packing cube
- Apron
And more!

Wash them like any other towel! Machine wash in warm water and line or tumble dry. Line drying is always best but tumble dry will totally work. Warm to hot iron if preferred. Our peshtemals are pre-washed and shrunk when you receive them so you will notice they become softer with every wash!

The beauty of Turkish towels is that all of our designs can be used for a variety of purposes. Here are a few suggestions:

- For bath: The Ani and Assos are both favorites for the bath and come in large and small sizes. Though the Ephesus is proving to be a dark horse here.

- For kitchen: The Lygos makes a wonderful apron or kitchen towel

- For beach/pool: The Halicarnassus is our bestseller for this, but the Smyrna, Olympos, and Lygos are popular as well. We also have customers that have replaced all of their pool towels with the Assos!

- For scarves/shawls: The Koressos is our hands-down favorite, but the Ephesus and Ilios are high up there on our list!

- For yoga/meditation: The Ilios, Olympos, or Ephesus are the most popular But really, choose what speaks the most to you. They also make amazing gifts.