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About Us

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away....

Ok, more like in the 90s, a half-Turkish, half-American girl growing up in the Aegean town of Izmir, Turkey, dreamed of bringing the richness of the country's culture to the United States and vice versa. Never feeling like she belonged 100% in either country, she wanted to find a way to merge her worlds.

That girl is me. This was long before the internet was widespread and during a time where culturally-mixed households were not as common as they are today. Fast forward around 30 years, I am able to realize this teenage dream by bringing ethically sourced Turkish towels (peshtemal) to the US. While there are many options for peshtemals in the marketplace, purchasing from Thriae brings with it the knowledge that your products come from carefully vetted and ethically sourced small businesses. This helps to support smaller ateliers, run by families who have been in the weaving and looming business for generations, and helps to keep the local economy alive. 

A little about me: I am a wife to my incredible husband, mother of two wonderful young men who have their first jobs with Thriae, a professional photographer, and am obsessed with our two goldendoodles. I am also committed to bringing high quality goods that are ethically sourced to my international clientele. Shopping small is important to me, and I enjoy partnering with other small, women-owned businesses. I have long felt suspended between my Turkish and American sides, but in my "old" age (read: maturity) I have finally embraced the rich mix of cultures that make up who I am and am thrilled to have the opportunity to share that with you all. 
Thriae /three-eye/
In Greek Mythology, Thriae were a triad of nymphs who were the patrons of bees. Bees are deeply important to us: their simple act of pollination makes possible many things we hold near and dear. Their individual contributions may not be noticeable, but their collective work is imperative to our existence.
Our mission is to provide quality goods that also help independent makers and smaller businesses thrive. This is why we chose to work with a smaller manufacturer rather than a larger one: to help the collective of artisans they work with flourish among the larger producers, boost their local economy, and provide exceptional textiles to the world. Like bees, their collective efforts bring us things of beauty, made with love. 
To show our gratitude to our pollinating friends who give us so much, a portion of our profits is donated to The Bee Conservancy.