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Ephesus Peshtemal

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Meet one of our favorites, the Ephesus Peshtemal. A bit weightier than some of our other models, this peshtemal is a great lightweight blanket for home or travel and doubles as a stylish scarf or shawl. This is of course in addition to being a towel for home or beach/pool! We love the modern pattern and substantial feel of it, but also appreciate the absorbency and quick-drying flat weave that is essential to all properly-made peshtemal!

Made from 100% hand-loomed Turkish cotton in the inner Aegean region of Denizli. We have carefully sourced our Turkish textiles to ensure that the manufacturing process supports small, family-run businesses. Please embrace any variations in size or weaving as a unique quality of your handmade piece.

36 x 71 inches (approximate)
Weight: 14 ounces
About Ephesus:
One of the most well-known ancient sites in Anatolia, Ephesus has a rich history. It is believed that the area of Ephesus was inhabited as early as 6000 BC, with its abandonment in the 15th century. It is home to the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, in addition to the Library of Celsus, Amphitheater, and a number of other popular ruins that can be visited today.
We love using the Ephesus as a scarf, shawl or throw, thanks to its bold pattern. It also makes a great beach blanket for yoga, you can even roll your mat right on top of it to keep the sand away.

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