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Getting that Fall Feeling

I have always loved the months of October and November...changing weather, leaves turning shades of ginger, bronze, and rust, apple picking, hot cider, hay rides…Since moving to NE Florida over 14 years ago, I have truly missed this time of changing seasons.  It’s just cozy and that is my favorite way to be. While I don’t live in perpetual summer, we just don’t have that autumnal season when everyone else does.

What to do to get that fall feeling? Bring in some home decor items that make you feel cozy. I’m the first to admit that as a wife, parent, full time jobber, goldendoodle mama, AND small business owner, I’m not on top of my home decorating. I typically keep it pretty neutral throughout the year and add little touches here and there that help me get into that “seasonal” feeling, without looking like you accidentally stumbled into the Fall Decor aisle at your local craft store! 

What do I use? Textiles, of course! They are an excellent tool to change up your home’s vibe without putting too much effort into it. Because effortless anything is a priority for me, and I’m sure for many of you as well.  

These are some of my favorites (and thank you to Lynn Tennille Photography for the beautiful images!):



Pergamum peshtemal fall home decor rag doll cat

Our newest addition to the Thriae family, Pergamum is a heavier textile with a thicker weave than what you might find in a Lygos, for example. Available in both peshtemal size and coverlet size, it's the perfect addition to your "Cozy Kit." Toss one on your couch to pull on when you feel a chill or over your shoulders for a brisk walk outside. Add the large size to the foot of your bed as a decorative coverlet or use as a quilt. 



Sardis Peshtemal Cozy Couch Drink Fall Decor Reading Nook

We love the smooth and buttery feel of the Sardis. It's extremely popular as a bath towel, but we also love it as a throw on the couch to use on your lap or drape over your shoulders. The colorways of the Sardis are neutral and a lovely compliment to any decor.



Ephesus Peshtemal Fall Decor Throw Scarf Turkish Towel

Sleek and modern, in three gorgeous colorways that are the perfect pairing with many neutral pieces. In addition to the blanket or scarf/shawl option, these make gorgeous table fabrics and throws for your favorite chair. Grab one in each color and rotate them throughout your home to use as the mood strikes you!



Ani Peshtemal Waffle Weave Bath Towel Kitchen Towel Throw Fall Decor

Our waffle weave towel is stonewashed and lightweight and has been a bestseller for the bath. It now comes in throw size in all three colors - large enough to wrap yourself in or to share with your favorite person during movie night. The light weight will keep your temp regulated while keeping away the chill, and the textured fabric will bring an extra element of cozy. It's also the perfect size for a large picnic blanket if you are heading outdoors to enjoy the crisp weather.


These are just a few of my personal favorites. The beauty of these textiles is that they can be used for absolutely any purpose. They are modern yet timeless and can be rotated throughout your house during all seasons. Use one as a table covering one day, and as a shawl the next! The possibilities are endless. 


Share your favorite uses of your Thriae Peshtemal on your social media with the hashtag #BeeLove for a chance to be featured on our website and social channels! 

Happy fall, y'all (I had to!)