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Smyrna Peshtemal

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Named for the city in which our founder grew up, the Smyrna Peshtemal is the perfect combination of old and new: crafted with the traditional flat weave of Turkish towels, but with a modern ombre color block pattern. Thanks to the flat weave that is resistant to sand, this is an excellent beach towel but can be used for so much more!

Made from 100% hand-loomed Turkish cotton in the inner Aegean region of Denizli. We have carefully sourced our Turkish textiles to ensure that the manufacturing process supports small, family-run businesses. Please embrace any variations in size or weaving as a unique quality of your handmade piece.

37 x 67 inches (approximate)
Weight 10 ounces
About Smyrna:
Smyrna is the ancient Greek city located where modern-day Izmir is, located on the Aegean coast. It is also the hometown of our founder and holds a special place in her heart. Smyrna's strategic location allowed it to prosper in both military and trade, but also in arts and culture. Today, there are ancient sites that can be visited, such as the Agora and the castle of Alexander the Great.

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